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Sermon List 2011

Sermon List for 2011

Minister Title Recording Date
Pastor The Vineyard Yes 1/2/2011
Pastor Saints and Ain'ts Yes 1/2/2011
Pastor The ark of grace Yes 1/6/2011
Pastor Reaching the inner circle Yes 1/9/2011
Pastor Laborers together with Christ Yes 1/13/2011
Pastor Mesmerized by sin Yes 1/16/2011
Pastor Seven strange preachers Yes 1/16/2011
Pastor The embassy of the LORD Yes 1/20/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 1) - The privilege and necessity of prayer Yes 1/23/2011
Pastor Spiritual never-never land Yes 1/23/2011
Pastor Alphabet Soup Yes 1/27/2011
Business Annual Business Meeting Yes 1/29/2011
Pastor My praise ain't wasted Yes 1/30/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 2) - The pattern of prayer Yes 2/6/2011
Pastor Lions, giants, and bears - Oh my! Yes 2/6/2011
Pastor Understanding 1st Corinthians (part 1) Yes 2/10/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 3) - Effective prayer and fasting Yes 2/13/2011
Pastor World changers Yes 2/13/2011
Pastor Understanding 1st Corinthians (part 2) Yes 2/17/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 4) - Touching the heart of God Yes 2/20/2011
Pastor From Bethel to Peniel Yes 2/20/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 5) - Three ways to pray Yes 2/27/2011
Pastor Understanding 1st Corinthians (part 3) Yes 3/3/2011
Pastor Conquering Prayer (part 6) - Spirit led prayer Yes 3/6/2011
Pastor Apostolic private eye Yes 3/6/2011
Pastor Understanding the mind of God (part 1) Yes 3/13/2011
Pastor What to do when God is late Yes 3/13/2011
Pastor Building the temple (part 1) Yes 3/17/2011
Pastor Understanding the mind of God (part 2) Yes 3/20/2011
Pastor What do you see? Yes 3/20/2011
Pastor Building the temple (part 2) Yes 3/24/2011
Pastor Understanding the mind of God (part 3) Yes 3/27/2011
Pastor No matter the weapon, I win Yes 3/27/2011
Pastor Building the temple (part 3) Yes 3/31/2011
Pastor Understanding the mind of God (part 4) Yes 4/3/2011
Pastor Making room for God Yes 4/3/2011
Pastor Apostolic Ministry (part 1) Yes 4/7/2011
Pastor Understanding the mind of God (part 5) Yes 4/10/2011
Pastor Spiritual identity theft Yes 4/10/2011
Pastor Apostolic Ministry (part 2) Yes 4/14/2011
Pastor What a difference five days can make (part 1) Yes 4/17/2011
Pastor The race is on Yes 4/17/2011
Pastor Apostolic Ministry (part 3) Yes 4/21/2011
Pastor What a difference five days can make (part 2) Yes 4/24/2011
Pastor Deal or no deal Yes 4/24/2011
Pastor The Christian Express Yes 5/1/2011
Pastor Stir it up Yes 5/1/2011
Pastor The basis and nature of fellowship Yes 5/5/2011
Pastor A mother's eyes Yes 5/8/2011
Pastor To the victor go the spoils Yes 5/8/2011
Pastor Where is your focus Yes 5/15/2011
Pastor Churchrats Yes 5/15/2011
Pastor Taking the offensive Yes 5/22/2011
Pastor The importance of His name Yes 5/22/2011
Rev. Shawn Turner Mission Service (Turkey) Yes 5/26/2011
Sis Coen The vulnerable and the vile Yes 5/29/2011
Rev. Mike Tyson Pick it up Yes 6/2/2011
Pastor Learn of God Yes 6/6/2011
Pastor Six responses to God Yes 6/6/2011
Pastor The dangers and responsibilities of fellowship Yes 6/9/2011
Pastor Prayer warriors Yes 6/12/2011
Pastor The good, the bad, and the best Yes 6/19/2011
Pastor EGW #1 Yes 6/19/2011
Pastor God's fringe benefits Yes 6/23/2011
Pastor Seven Pentecostal Churches Yes 6/26/2011
Pastor EGW #2 Yes 6/26/2011
Pastor Five Questions Yes 7/3/2011
Business Business Meeting Yes 7/7/2011
Pastor The Damascus road Yes 7/10/2011
Pastor EGW #3 Yes 7/10/2011
Pastor The doctrine of modern Christianity Yes 7/14/2011
Pastor Join the winning side Yes 7/17/2011
Pastor EGW #4 Yes 7/17/2011
Pastor Flying books Yes 7/24/2011
Pastor The issues of life Yes 7/24/2011
Pastor God's next best seller Yes 7/28/2011
Pastor Four Altars Yes 7/31/2011
Pastor Increase our faith Yes 8/4/2011
Pastor God's bread basket to the world Yes 8/7/2011
Pastor EGW #5 Yes 8/7/2011
Rev. Robert Moses Mission Service (Russia) Yes 8/11/2011
Pastor The transformation of a servent Yes 8/14/2011
Pastor EGW #6 Yes 8/14/2011
Pastor The unified body Yes 8/18/2011
Pastor Religion or God's way Yes 8/21/2011
Pastor EGW #7 Yes 8/21/2011
Pastor Journey to a promise Yes 8/28/2011
Pastor Dinner is ready, come and get it Yes 8/28/2011
Pastor The second mile attitude Yes 9/1/2011
Pastor Beginning at Jerusalem Yes 9/4/2011
Pastor EGW #8 Yes 9/4/2011
Pastor Five ways to disobey God Yes 9/8/2011
Pastor Puse to remember Yes 9/11/2011
Pastor EGW #9 Yes 9/11/2011
Pastor Quick Trip salvation Yes 9/18/2011
Pastor EGW #10 Yes 9/18/2011
Pastor The cycle of Christianity Yes 9/22/2011
Pastor The race is on Yes 9/25/2011
Pastor EGW #11 Yes 9/25/2011
Pastor Making a difference Yes 9/29/2011
Pastor God's GPS Yes 10/2/2011
Pastor EGW #12 Yes 10/2/2011
Pastor The soul auction Yes 10/6/2011
Pastor Bulls, flies, kings, crowds, and stars Yes 10/9/2011
Pastor EGW #13 Yes 10/9/2011
Pastor First and ten Yes 10/16/2011
Pastor EGW #14 Yes 10/16/2011
Rev. Tim Milby Bored but faithful Yes 10/21/2011
Pastor Ransom Yes 10/23/2011
Pastor But Amnon had a friend Yes 10/23/2011
Pastor Recognizing God Yes 10/30/2011
Pastor Are you a disciple Yes 11/3/2011
Rev. John Chance Issues of the others Yes 11/6/2011
Rev. John Chance The hot breath of God Yes 11/6/2011
Pastor Oral law Yes 11/10/2011
Pastor Satisfaction Yes 11/13/2011
Br. Rhett Spillmon I refuse to die on this side of Jordan Yes 11/13/2011
Pastor Lemonade stands Yes 11/17/2011
Pastor Lot saw and Lot chose Yes 11/20/2011
Pastor Peace through strength Yes 11/20/2011
Pastor God's industrial cleansing agent Yes 11/27/2011
Pastor Bound, poured, and cared Yes 12/1/2011
Pastor Abusing God's love Yes 12/4/2011
Pastor Are you ready Yes 12/4/2011
Pastor I am persuaded Yes 12/11/2011
Br. Rhett Spillmon Five minutes after the rapture Yes 12/11/2011
Pastor For unto you Yes 12/18/2011
Pastor Jail house rock Yes 12/18/2011
Pastor Reflecting God's glory Yes 12/22/2011
Pastor Helping yourself out of grace Yes 12/29/2011

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